Fat Pigeon
Putting the "Totally Un-" in "Rehearsed"
Fat Pigeon dot Net
Fat Pigeon dot Net

We're currently playing with cabaret superstar Miss Bouncy Hunter at Cellar Door, Aldwych. Fun music, Audience participation, and BURLESQUE DANCERS TAKING THEIR CLOTHES OFF!

Our first album, Pigeon Does Geese: 33 Czechoslovakian Folk Songs, available now from Amazon.


Fat Pigeon are a pair of professional musicians who got tired of being professional about music. The band was formed in a 1 star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam's famous Red Light District.  That just about sums them up, really.

Where other bands turn up to gigs having done a couple of half arsed rehearsals, we turn up to gigs having had ABSOLUTELY NO REHEARSALS WHATSOEVER.  That's a FAT PIGEON PROMISE!

We do things like this:


Contact us via Twitter at @falconermusic or @waldofabulous.

Fat Pigeon dot Net